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We’re Getting Under-represented South Pacific Nations Online.

South Pacific Pocket Guide is a collection of online travel guides aiming to replace outdated paper guidebooks by providing more quality up-to-date online content that travellers can use to plan their trip to any South Pacific destination. Our team behind South Pacific Pocket Guide is the same team that created New Zealand’s largest travel guide,, and have been maintaining it for the last 8 years. We also run that launched in early 2019, while the Tonga and Niue Pocket Guides are the most recent launches.

With 86% of travellers starting their research online according to a Google 2018 survey, it is critical for destinations to strengthen their third-party online presence beyond business listing platforms. For this reason, South Pacific Pocket Guide provides its services free of charge to Tourism Boards of the Pacific region.

In a 2018 Google Survey Travellers were asked where would they start their search for their next holiday?

Start Their Travel Research Online

Start Their Travel Research Offline

The Creation of a Pocket Guide for Your Destination Will Be a Critical Part of Your Your Post-COVID Recovery Strategy.


[nectar_dropcap color=”#3270ff”]R [/nectar_dropcap]unning several surveys including thousands of travellers, we have determined that the biggest barrier to travel to the South Pacific islands is the “lack of trustworthy information” available. A Pocket Guide is an online guide that answers all the questions travellers have about a destination and help them make travel decisions easily therefore removing their biggest barrier to travel. This is the main reason why a Pocket Guide is so valuable for your destination, but here are several more:

  • The creation and maintenance of a Pocket Guide comes at no cost to Destination Management Organisations and helps increase the awareness and conversion of your destination.
  • In a post-COVID travel world, more travellers than ever are planning their trip online. Early data is also showing that travellers tend to plan more aspects of their trip in advance instead of leaving it to the last minute. A Pocket Guide for your destination will help address this by providing with the correct up-to-date information to potential visitors.
  • Our organisation aims at promoting sustainable tourism growth for all destinations we cover.
  • Our guides are created and updated regularly to align with the destination’s goal and inventory.
  • We share data with partner Destination Management Organisations to help improve the visitors’ experience.
  • While on location, we run free workshops to share our expertise and help increase online proficiency within the local tourism industry. (see photos throughout this page)

One Website, One Complete Solution

Travellers experience holidays differently but the core of their experience is always the destination itself. The COVID-19 outbreak created new needs and new travel habits that the South Pacific industry will need to embrace quickly in order to kickstart its tourism recovery.

Travellers are now planning more, planning online and planning earlier. We need to keep up with the right information to convert “dreamers” into “travellers” in the South Pacific.

For this reason, South Pacific Pocket Guide has created an ambitious development strategy that will provide almost every South Pacific destinations with their own Pocket Guide by 2027.

What Can a Pocket Guide Bring to Your Destination?

  • Supporting sustainable growth for your destination
  • Aligning with your destination’s vision, goal and tourism inventory
  • Utilising data to gain a competitive edge
  • Establishing relationships with Destination Management Organisations
  • Tourism workforce development (see picture throughout this page)

You can request full PDF document detailing all the points above in depth by contacting us today.

Getting a Pocket Guide for Your Destination is FREE OF CHARGE

Destination Management Organisations can support the development of their local Pocket Guide by providing operational support to our team so we can focus on doing what we do best: creating useful content, analysing local tourism data, and supporting Destination Management Organisations.

By providing operational support such as familiarization trips to the South Pacific Pocket Guide team you can help fast-track your destination’s Pocket Guide creation.

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Tourism Workforce Development

Because we know that the future of our online travel guides is tied to the future of your destination, our team works after hours to help develop the local workforce by providing consultation for many companies about online presence, online marketing and other tourism areas. We are also extremely community-minded and create programs to help develop the community around tourism-related projects in order to create a skilled workforce to support the growing tourism industry of each destination that we work with.

“We don’t just do the work, we empower and support tourism communities.” – Laura – Editor in Chief – South Pacific Pocket Guide

Digital tourism seminar for government tourism staff in Tongatapu, Tonga.

Google my business seminar for tourism operators in Vava’u, Tonga.

Website creation seminar for tourism operators in Alofi, Niue.

The South Pacific Pocket Guide team was the best famil’ trip we ever hosted. The local industry fully supported the project and got great benefits from it, as do travellers.
They make it very easy for us to update information about the whole country which, in turn, makes it very easy for travellers to plan and budget for their trips.
We are looking forward to continue working with Pocket Guide for many years to come.

Mr. Sione Finau MOALA-MAFICEO, Ministry of Tourism KINGDOM OF TONGA

Search Engine Optimization seminar for tourism operators in Vava’u, Tonga.

Online Presence seminar for tourism operators in Tongatapu, Tonga.

Utilizing Data To Gain a Competitive Edge

Our platform generates a considerable amount of data that we are able to leverage in order to get acute real-time insights on each destination’s travellers. This helps us predict upcoming trends, measure destination’s strategies, successes and even address early upcoming challenges. We share some of our data research with partner DMOs in order to help them make informed decisions for upcoming development and marketing strategies. We also use our guides to audit the visitors’ experience in real-time.

Auditing the visitors’ experience: Thanks to our wide range of tools, we are able to audit visitors’ experiences beyond traditional International Visitor Surveys and help Destination Management Organisations gain valuable insights to further improve its strategy.


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Current LIVE Pocket Guide Websites

South Pacific Pocket Guide currently operates the following websites across the Pacific region:


South Pacific Pocket Guide owns and operates, New Zealand’s largest travel guide in reference to traffic and content, which includes 3,000+ up-to-date articles and 6.3 million unique readers in 2019 pre-COVID. ranks in the top three results of 4,300+ highly-targeted keywords on major search engines.

Latests Stats: 4,200,000+  unique readers in 2020 (COVID-19)


South Pacific Pocket Guide’s first entry in the Pacific region was The site launched in January 2019 and already features 750+ up-to-date articles, which is more content than any other Fiji travel guide available. The site was featured by APPLE during one of its presentations for its slick design.

Latest Stats: 820,000+  unique readers in 2020 (COVID-19)


Created in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of Tonga

The Tonga version of our travel guides can be found at The site launched in December 2019 and features 650+ up-to-date articles, which is also more content than any other guide written for Tonga. Continuous updates have been made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of Tonga.

Latests Stats: 200,000+  unique readers in 2020 (COVID-19)


Created in collaboration with the Niue Tourism

South Pacific Pocket Guide is excited to announce its latest travel guide in the South Pacific islands with the launch of The site launched in February 2020 and already features 400+ up-to-date articles, which makes it the ultimate travel guide to Niue.

Latest Stats: No stats are available at this stage as COVID-19 triggered travel restrictions to the country within weeks of the website’s launch.

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The team of South Pacific Pocket Guide is currently doing research in New Zealand